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Here you can find an extensive catalogue of free action music

Action music is characterized by a series of concrete musical instruments and very defined rhythms.
It usually ranges from 130 bpm to 180 or even 190 beats per minute.
These fast tempos give this type of music the quality of imprinting action on film scenes.
All the action music you’ll hear here is royalty free music.

Action music royalty free is the best choice for your own projects, like youtube videos.

What about the music instruments ?

Action music instrumental is mainly based on the string section of the orchestra. This section is essential for imprinting that character and cannot be missing.
The lowest section, the double bass and cellos, often make eighth notes and is also supported by the violas and violins section.

It is often used in cinema in chase scenes because of the speed of the quavers with the string section of the orchestra.That’s why it’s always the favorite music for action videos.

The best action music is the one that fits perfectly with your scene and prints movement.

Many times, a good action music is able to reinforce or improve a scene even more.
Here you will find action music mp3 in high quality. But, let’s now listen to the whole catalogue of cinematic action music.

As this music is very diverse and divided into many branches, we have selected the most significant and most sought after. Let’s take a look at this first action music theme.
free royalty free action music

Intense Action music

This intense action music is ideal for an intro. As you can see this music is very intense and powerful. Besides, the music production is highly cared for. The dynamics are distributed along the track, from less to more.

You can see a clear example of its use in this youtube video. This is not uncopyrighted action music but you can use for free and you can also purchase different types of licenses.

That’s why it’s short, but it has everything you need to set up an action movie opening scene, besides having the string section printing fast it has a wonderful catchy melody in the horn section.

We could call this theme perfectly awesome action music. Listen and enjoy is free to use for non commercial projects.

Epic Action music

Another type of action music that we cannot forget is  Epic action music.If you are looking for epic music don’t forget to check out our Royalty Free Epic Music section

This music also has very marked characteristics. What above all ends up giving the music its epic character is the choice of musical instruments when it comes to orchestrating the theme.
As we have said before, the string section cannot be missing but some great percussions will give it the epic style and above all the tempo. The tempo in epic action music has to be fast.

Action Background Music

Action background music has often been used for videos where there is dialogue between the actors and the music has to be in the background but at the same time it has to bring action to the film scene.

The characteristics are similar to any action music but often the melodic elements are omitted so as not to disturb or stand out. An element that cannot be missing in this type of action music background is the rhythm.
The rhythm can often be just percussion with some marked beat, usually the measure is the quavers with fast tempos.
Also the string section can be making a base with eighth notes or even some kind of synthesizer

Let’s look at these examples of action background music.

Action Music Downloads

Now you can download all the action music we have available in Mp3jungle. You have action music free download and yo can pay one license for each epic audio track.

Download Action Music

You can use this action music free for your projects but you must credit us. You can also buy a license for this track and use it without any restrictions and you can monetize your own video.

✅ Epic Action Music

This track has a more epic character. It is ideal for an epic action scene. Enjoy this free action music download and don´t forget give credit us.

✅ Suspenseful Action Music

This track is perfect for a scene that contains action but where you want to give it a touch of suspense.

✅ Intense Action Slowmotion Music

Slow motion music should have a number of characteristics. In this case, this audio track is ideal for the situation. It is intense and also has its ideal action level for slow motion situations.

✅ Action Background Music

When we think of a movie action scene we’re thinking of the action movie background music. And we’ve talked about its features above, now it’s time to download it. This track.

this track has all the characteristics to be a background that fits perfectly in any action scene. Yo can free download this audio background, enjoy it

✅ Dramatic Action Music

Dramatic action music must have certain characteristics. As you can see in this audio track, the character of the song is sad. The song must be structured in a minor key but it must also have other elements that make it dramatic such as BIG percussions or some dramatic melody.

✅  Action movie trailer music

Action music for trailers is full of different nuances. Good movie trailer has to have spaces or musical silences, especially at the beginning. These spaces will make it easier to integrate the trailer narrator’s dialogues. Even then it has to have intense upsets, full of hits with big percussions and stings.

We wanted to choose this song because it brings together all the elements of action trailer music.

✅ Cinematic Action Music

This action track is deal for a a cinematic passage.  It can be among the epic hybrid music due to the electronic elements it has and which merge with the classical orchestra. The great percussion hits make this song ideal for a scene that is growing.

Action Music Playlist

You can add this playlist to your favorites in spotify. It is ideal because it combines several action music themes. It’s created with action movie scenes, chases, epic battles, races, etc. in mind.

Spotify playlists can be added to your profile and are always available. Enjoy it!

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